Snowmobilers are a different breed of humans. Set apart somewhat from the general population by our passion for snow, when others are cursing it, try as we may, we simply don’t fit into the general population.  We try though.  We try to be logical, and responsible with our decision-making processes, but sometimes even we don’t believe the words coming out of our mouths.  Here are some examples.

It’s just a road ride:  How many times have you heard this.  Knowing the plethora of landmines barely hidden beneath the shallow snowpack we know that this is not the time to drop a shoulder and lay down a carve.  We know that replacing A-arms can be expensive, not to mention more spendy parts that may need to be replaced should we hit a stump or a rock…yet each season a multitude of eager beavers will post carnage from early season riding.  Moral of the story, if you can’t trust yourself to stick to the road, don’t head out.  Your bank account will thank you.

This brand new sled I just snow checked, will be the last snowmobile for me for at least five years:  You may actually mean it when you say it, but the snowmobile industry is a fast evolving industry with significant changes happening each and every season.  Each manufacturer brings their A game each season by creating ever so enticing chassis for riders to enjoy.  It can be very difficult to resist.  In order to prevent falling into the alure of new technology, close your eyes, plug your ears, and carry on.  The other alternative is to simply go for it, enjoying new advancements in technology and the warranty that comes with a brand-new machine.  BC Snowmobile Dealers

I’m not going to buy any aftermarket accessories for this brand-new snowmobile: Yes you are.  Just face it.  Once you start see social media influencer postings of new accessories, or seeing them in action out in the backcountry you’ll probably choose to invest in these new gadgets.  It’s not all bad, for many of the aftermarket accessories offered can make your ride safer and more enjoyable.  Everything from customized handlebars, advanced storage options, and performance parts.  Accessorizing your new snowmobile can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Even if fresh snow is in the forecast, I promise we will be home Sunday Night: With many riders booking time off and traveling great distances to enjoy their snowmobile destinations it can be extremely difficult to pass up just one more day of riding.  We may use that sick day, or figure out some creative way to extend the trip, but most hardcore riders will take that extra day if possible to get the most out of their sled-cation.  So just book Monday off and enjoy your Sunday ride!

I’m going to bed by 9 so I can be well rested riding:  We truly mean it when we say it, but enjoying conversations and adult beverages while reconnecting with fellow riders makes the time fly unbelievably fast.  Needless to say many may get a later start than they first anticipated, but the comradery will be worth it.  The social aspect of snowmobiling is as important as the ride itself.  

All in all it’s all good.  While we may not be deemed “normal” by outsiders looking in, we know that we have an extended snowmobile family out there that completely understands our thoughts and actions.  They are our fellow riders. 

Wishing everyone out there a fantastic 2020/2021 season!